Institutional Distinctiveness

The institute has been established through the dedicated and selfless endeavours of educationalists and social workers who are deeply concerned with the standards of education and are determined to upgrade the quality of education.

 The best college at rural level.

 The vision and mission statement highlighting its distinctness.

 The Institution has large green campus.

 The College believe in imparting education with emphasis on character building to create good citizens who can contribute effectively towards nation building.

 The institute has well equipped VISHAL CRICKET PLAY GROUND where various district level cricket tournaments are organised.

 The institute has multipurpose DALPATRAMA AUDITORIUM.

 The institute has wide open space for walking, exercise.

 The management has proactively lent its support to ensure that the quality of teaching learning process is sustained.

 College endeavours to inculcate a strong sense of discipline in its functioning to ensure students build high levels of commitments.

 College is a quality conscious with focus on the overall development of the students.

 Quality teaching learning environment consistently good academic result. The college has created a benchmark in the field of education because 100% students pass with distinction.

 All the faculties make sure that 100% course completion.

 Discipline is implemented by Principal, Ant ragging cell and faculties with focus on maintaining attendance and abiding by dress code.

 The students are allowed to participate in various activities to develop them to become future leaders.

 There are many committees set up for the academic and administrative purpose where students’ representatives are library, cultural, gymkhana, picnic, etc. These activities enhance their leadership qualities, communication skills and personality.