In 1993 the death of wife of Shree Ranchhodbhai Gokalbhai Bhakta of Vav, Shree Ranchhodbhai discussed about donation with his friend Shree Vinubhai Bhakta ( present honorary secretary and they decide to establish B.Ed. college to prepare quality teachers. Shree Ranchhodbhai establishes Smt.Vasantiben Ranchhodbhai Bhakta (Panama-Vav) B.Ed. College from 15 th June 1994 in the memory of his late wife.

Shree Ranchhodbhai Bhakta decide to begin M.Ed. college 17 lakh to Shree Bhartiya Vidya Mandal for the expansion of the institute. He has donated about 37 lakh to the institute. So far two gold medals have been come in this institution. The result of the institution is 100% every year. Not only have that but almost all the students got first class distinction with special merit. In this institution efforts have been made to maintain culture and sense of service along with giving education.